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Eyebrows Shaping

Eyebrows Shaping

‘if you look good, you feel good’

Throughout history beauty is defined by symmetrical ,proportional features:

At Hollywood Eyebrows we take this seriously. We take pride in creating symmetrical, evenly shaped and well proportional brows.

We do not agree with the saying ' Brows are sister , not twins``.

An expert should be able to create balance even with the most disproportioned set of brows.

Eyebrows are the single most important aspect of the face that can transform a person appearance within minutes, but can also let down the overall look. Brows can truly affect your appearance by making you look older, tired, angry, droopy eyed, or give you a constant surprised look. On the other hand they can make your overall appearance look younger, soft, fresh and open eyed. Fashion trends come and go, but be careful not to follow a trend that will compromise your brows.


“Special occassions”

If you have a special occasion coming up that you want to look your best for?:

To allow us to create the perfect brows, we recommend you grow your brows out for 6-8 weeks prior to the date.

Fully grown brows allow us to create without restriction! Some people may find that difficult, through the growing out stage, in which case we can do progressive sessions, just means you won’t see a transformation in the first session. We highly recommend the grow out phase. Particularly for brides who are going on a honeymoon. If you grow out your brows and get shaped a couple of days prior to the wedding, then your brows will hold their shape for the next 4 weeks. Which will carry you through most honeymoons.


  • During menstrual cycle, hormones stimulate hair growth. Where possible, try to make your appointments after finishing a cycle to minimise regrowth in-between visits.
  • Do not pluck your brows yourself in-between visits. By doing so you will split up the cycle of regrowth and you will constantly have random growing hairs. Also less likely you will alter the created shape.
  • Hair generally grows faster in Summer than winter.
  • Pre plan you appointments. If you have an important occasion, book a couple of days prior and then work back to space out appointments evenly.
  • If you pluck yourself, you’ll find most right handed people will over pluck. destroy and thin out their right brows more often that their left. Because they’re most comfortable doing their right brow so they over do it and find the left brow keeps better shape. Our advise is ” leave it to the experts”

Price list

Full shaping:
Creating a whole new shape.

Semi Shaping:
Minor adjustments to current shape

Clean up of the current shape, with no alterations

Facial Waxing:
Sides of face