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Eyebrows Tattooing

Eyebrow-Embroided Tattooing

‘if you look good, you feel good’

Eyebrow Tattooing is a popular and highly effective way of creating hair like strokes for those who have lost their brow hairs through years of over plucking, Alopecia, chemotherapy,Trichotillomania, or for those who never really had defined full brows.

About Eyebrow Tattooing

This invasive method is known by many names around the world including “eyebrow tattooing, embroided tattooing, microblading, micro pigmentation, featherng/ feather touch and soft tap, though all working in the same way. In essence it is the manual implementation of pigment creating fine hair like strokes, using a pen like tool. In most cases it looks so natural it’s almost undetectable.

This procedure, performed correctly, will deliver amazing results with no pain, no downtime, low maintenance for the first 10 days and lasting for 12-24 months. Procedure time is approximately 1hour and 15 mins, including anaesthetic time.

We offer FREE consultations, outlining the procedure, your requirements, and physically drawing on the new recommended brows shape for your perusal and approval. During which adjustments/correction are discussed, colour and colour retention also expectation through the healing process. Before and after photos are taken purely for your perusal. For you to recognise how everyone else sees you, not how you see yourself.

This is a powerful tool to view yourself as others do, which in many cases is very different to what your mind recognises as normal.

Tattooing procedures are completed in one session. As skin varies we offer a touch up included in the initial cost, performed 4-6 weeks later.

Special Occassions

Tattoo procedure should begin at least 8 weeks before a big day or holiday. 4 weeks after the first treatment a touch up is usually require. Even though the healing process only takes 10 day, the true final result is seen at 4 weeks. Therefore 8 weeks in total will allow for both treatments to heal and settle.


  • As there are no governing bodies, we stress to research thoroughly. View photos of the service provider and confirm it is their work.
  • Generally tattoo colour will fade 30-40% within the first 10 days. Therefore we like to compensate for the fading to acquire the right shade at the end. If not the colour will fade too much and have to be fully redone at the touch up appointment.
  • Generally tattoo will heal 10-20% thinner due to shrinkage when skin heals and tightens.
  • The success of tattoo is a two part process.
    1. Skill of the professional performing the service.
    2. The due diligence required during the healing process by the client. Must take special care, particularly in the first 7-10 days, as our skin will try to reject any foreign substance. It’s up to us to keep them moist and protected and trick the skin into rejecting as little as possible.

Price list

We recommend a consultation is done separately to the procedure. If that's not possible please inform us.

Full Brow tattooing:
Creating a new shape, includes a touch up within 3 months of the initial procedure.

Extra body tattooing:
When the original shape is not altered, just filled out to create extra fullness/ density. Includes a touch up within 3 months of the initial procedure.

Additional service, can be added to both tattooing procedures. Shading is done when the feathering is completed, but the client would like a more solid look. Then we shade over the brows to create a stronger/fuller brow. Still keeping them looking soft though. (during another procedure )

Scheduled alone

Touch ups:
Usually administered 12-24 months from the original tattoo procedure. When the tattoo has faded, but still visible, just a refill of the original shape. There is no touch up with a touch up appointment.
Usually performed 2-4 years from the original tattoo procedure. Where most of the faded tattoo has mostly gone and a new shape requires creating. There is no touch up with a touch up appointment.

Tattoo removal:
Price varies. (per session)

$200- $250